We do not create a Desktop Wallpapers
We create your mood!


When you choose your desktop wallpapers just remember that most people will consider the image as an indicator of your state of personality and mood. And the picture is always in sight, so it should suit the situation. If you work in a serious corporation, have an office in the city center, and your clients visit your office, just forget about the backgrounds with naked female looks.

You should not choose dark wallpapers as well. Firstly, it will be difficult to discern much on your desktop, and secondly, such colors are depressing. During the global financial crisis, it is generally better to do without depressive colors.

Though it sounds strange enough, bright colors, even the most peaceful ones: green or blue – are also better not to choose. Pastel colors will calm your eyes, and in addition, they will have a beneficial effect on your mental activity. For example, psychologists note that a pale pink color stimulates the brain. Pastel desktop HD wallpapers are not annoying and do not distract attention, due to the fact that the picture is executed in calm tones, the eyes rest, icons and shortcuts on the desktop can be seen very well.

Putting contrast photos on the computer desktop is not advisable. When you feel that your eyes are tired and you are not lucky enough to have a beautiful view from the window, move away from the computer and look at some picture of calm on the HD backgrounds. Any peaceful landscape will perfectly soothe your eyes.


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